Foundation Chancen für Kinder

All over the world, children live in poverty and have hardly any chance of a self-determined life. The primary goal of the foundation Chancen für Kinder is to break this vicious circle, especially in developing and emerging countries, and to give as many children as possible a chance at a life worth living, self-determined and carefree.

One focus of the foundation is the promotion of sustainable education projects. This includes school education, the purchase of medical equipment for children and infants in developing countries as well as cultural projects.

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege (founding member and long-time Chairman of the Board of B.A.U.M. (German Federal Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management) established the Foundation Chancen für Kinder in September 2004 on the occasion of his 60th birthday together with his wife Birgit Gege and the artist Angelika Bachmann („Salut Salon“).

Since then, more than 80 projects in over 9 countries have been supported in the areas of education, culture and medical care.

Here, the donors mainly support projects that are not in the public eye and lack the financial means for their own fundraising campaigns.

The committees of the foundation, especially the committed and renowned board of trustees, work on a voluntary basis. This means that almost all of the Foundation’s income can be used to support projects.

The biggest problem in the world is poverty combined with a lack of education. We must ensure that education reaches everyone

Nelson Mandela